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Its not just South Africa that suffers from high rates of Femicide

Its not just South Africa that suffers from high rates of Femicide

Last year 148 women and girls were killed in Canada. 91% of the perpetrators were men. 53% of the victims were killed by their male partners and 13% by male family members – their father, brother or son. Indigenous Canadian women and girls accounted for 36%, and women in rural communities 34%. There are the Heartbreaking statistics recently released by the Canadian Femicide Observatory.

According to White Ribbon Canada, Men and boys need to and must be part of the solution. Men can play many roles including examining their own attitudes and behaviours, seeking help when needed, speaking out against violence against women, challenging their peers, intervening, being good role models, believing and supporting survivors, and advocating for systemic change. We are in this together! Visit the White Ribbon Canada website at http://whiteribbon.ca and support their efforts along with those of White Ribbon South Africa to end violence against women and girls, world-wide and to promote gender equality and healthy masculinity.

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