Breaking the Silence – Schools Programme

Breaking the Silence is an e-learning programme for school principals and teachers, that is based upon the very successful programme created by White Ribbon for Schools across Australia. The programme provides foundation knowledge, tools and strategies to implement respectful relationships and domestic violence education in schools. Once having completed the programme, schools obtain White Ribbon Certified Status.

Building on existing initiatives

Breaking the Silence supports schools to bring about a commitment to stop violence against women. It builds on existing initiatives to strengthen a culture of respect and equality at all levels of the school community – through curriculum, role modelling from staff, policies and procedures, domestic violence education programs and strengthened family and community partnerships.

Schools are important to preventing violence against women and Girls

Young people form behaviours, social skills and relationships during their time at school. During these formative years, ideas about men, women boys and girls and their relationships are being learned. Exposure to harmful messaging and gender stereotyping can lead to attitudes that support inequality, violence, abuse and disrespect towards women and girls.

But young men and boys can learn there is a better way – this programme sets about helping schools and teachers learn how to educate their pupils (both male and female) about better ways.

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in the meantime – please enjoy the video produced by White Ribbon Australia which explain a lot more about this successful programme.