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White Ribbon South Africa - White Ribbon Status Award for National government and local Government and Public Sector Organisations

Male violence and assault towards women in South Africa is shockingly high – whether it is Psychological, Physical, and Sexual or Verbal. Even in the Public Sector be that National Government, Local Government or in many of our Blue Light Forces where many men use and abuse their positions of authority and power in what are traditionally very male dominated and very hierarchical structures organisations.

In South Africa our Public Sector leaders and workers can have more influence to change South Africa for the better by leading by example through promoting a positive message of respect and tolerance,

Public sector organisations, large and small, can achieve so much more than individuals can alone.

White Ribbon provides a comprehensive action plan for National and Local Government as well as Public Sector Leaders to effectively marshal their resources and personnel to challenge male violence against women and make a genuine difference.

The action plan is concise and wide-ranging and offers achievable goals for organisations to reach in order to bring about genuine change. Once an organisation can demonstrate a commitment to this plan, it becomes eligible for the White Ribbon Award Status

White Ribbon Award Status is an officially entitles an organisation to White Ribbon training and campaigning guidance, use of White Ribbon branding on official documents and signage, and exclusive access to a network of other organisations to promote fundraising, awareness and events.


Any public-facing organisation can and should apply for White Ribbon Award Status; National, Provincial and Municipal councils, other local authorities, police, ambulance and fire services, schools, Church and Venues – these are all examples of organisations who are eligible for the White Ribbon Award Programme.

Applying to be part of the White Ribbon Award Programme with White Ribbon South Africa is easy.  Just click on the link below to fill in the expression of interest form. We will then send you an action plan to complete action plan, (we also provide support on what to consider putting in your action plan) then e-mail it back to us at


  • White Ribbon Government & Public Sector Organisations are awarded a certificate or plaque as public recognition of their commitment to ending male violence against women. They will also be permitted to use the White Ribbon logo and branding on signage, posters and promotional material.
  • Access to White Ribbon library of materials and information, including training, template press releases and presentations.
  • Support from the White Ribbon to assist in the organisation’s strategy to eliminate male violence against women
  • Access to White Ribbons’ International network of Government and Public Sector Contacts, including Individuals and Organisations similar to themselves that are all committed to the White Ribbon core message of ending male violence of all forms against women and girls.
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