Primary Prevention Programmes

White Ribbon South Africa aims to prevent violence and abuse against women and Girls (VAWG) or Gender Based Violence (GBV) as it is sometimes known way before it ever happens. This Violence and Abuse is not limited to Sexual Violence and Domestic Abuse but to all forms including non-violent, mental and psychological Violence and Abuse.
This is the work of primary prevention programmes and where the work of White Ribbon South Africa is focused Over the last few years the Joe Slovo Foundation has been a leader in the ‘Stop Rape Now – South Africa’ Campaign as well as active participants in the ‘Red Card against Violence towards women’ and a partner in the United Nations led UNiTE ’16 days of activism against Violence towards Women and Girls”. On many occasions the Foundation was requested to use the legacy of Joe Slovo who was a champion for Human Rights and Women’s Rights in South Africa to champion Positive Primary Prevention Action to build a GBV South Africa. White Ribbon South Africa is a response to these requests and it draws upon the excellent Primary prevention Action Programmes of other White Ribbon Campaigns and organisations around the world

Positive Primary prevention action is implemented long before Gender Based Violence (GBV) occurs and aims to change the attitudes of men and boys about using violence and the use of violence against women and girls Primary Prevention Programmes do this by addressing the causes of Violence and changing attitudes .

The White Ribbon social movement and programmes focus on primary prevention in a positive manner

Examples of Primary Prevention Action Programmes include Public information and awareness raising campaigns.

  • Educational programmes in Schools and Universities – establishing these programmes as part of the curriculum

  • Trade Unions – placing Violence and Abuse against Women and Girls on the agenda of Work-Place negotiations

  • Companies and Institutions – Making Education about VAWG part of the Human Resources on-boarding process.

  • Municipalities – creating VAWG-free Zones

  • Government Departments – taking the lead and setting the standard for other South African’s to follow

  • Mentorship, Ambassadorship through Sports programmes