Male violence and attitude towards women and girls in South Africa can shocking not just in the workplace or the community but at sporting events and in sports clubs where often women and girls can find themselves being thought of as ‘sport’ to be manhandled and misused. This can best be changed by  promoting a message of respect and tolerance, and leading by example.

Sport has always played an important part in the history and culture of South Africa and is a critical channel for raising awareness of the importance of respectful relationships throughout codes, clubs, members and fans. Millions of South African men, women, boys and girls play sport at some point in their lives, and it is important that the prevention of male violence against women is incorporated into training, games, events and broadcasting to reach further into the community and highlight a zero tolerance approach.


Supported by the Joe Slovo Foundation, White Ribbon South Africa works to raise awareness about male violence against women by promoting positive masculinity, active bystanders, and encouraging men and boys to become part of the solution.  

Amongst our many public sector and community accreditations, White Ribbon South Africa works closely with sports clubs to strengthen and extend the campaign and bring this important message to a wider audience.  With these accreditations, White Ribbon places an even greater emphasis on endorsement at every level of the club, sending a clear message to players, members and fans that male violence and bullying against women and girls will not be tolerated.

What can accredited clubs achieve?


White Ribbon accredited sports clubs have clear policies and systems in place for reporting, assessing and dealing with incidents of abuse, assault and violence towards women and girls, and foster an environment of reporting and condemning such behaviour as  a matter of course. Clear signage and appropriate information is displayed throughout club venues, demonstrating adherence to the White Ribbon pledge.

Good for the accredited Clubs

Becoming accredited is good for the profile of the club within the community and is a sure sign to women and mothers that their sisters and daughters are safe to attend games, training and events at the club and that their brothers and sons are being trained to not only respect their opponents but respect all women and girls


White Ribbon South Africa encourages accredited clubs to  host training sessions for players, members and fans,(females as well as male)  and to also demonstrate a further commitment to fundraising by holding White Ribbon themed matches and events.

Apply for Accreditation

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