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Engaging men to reduce and prevent gender-based violence

Don’t miss it! Engaging men to reduce and prevent gender-based violence, webinar hosted by the Learning Network on Feb. 26 from 9pm in the evening South African time

Featured speakers include Dr. Katreena Scott and Baldev Mutta. Sign up below! 

hThere are many Canadian projects and programs that work to engage men and boys to help reduce and prevent gender-based violence and address masculinity. This webinar will present two existing programs within Ontario around involved fatherhood and men who have used violence.

The Caring Dads program was specifically designed from the premise that violence against women and violence against children are intricately intertwined, and that these two issues both can and should be addressed together. The program was developed in collaboration with child protective services, batterer intervention programs, children’s mental health agencies, women’s advocates, centres for children and families involved in the justice system, family resource agencies and probation and parole services. The Caring Dads curriculum works with fathers to change patterns of abuse, increase fathers’ awareness and application of child-centered fathering and to promote respectful co-parenting with children’s mothers.

The Punjabi Community Health Services began in 1990 as a community development project and it offers culturally relevant services and supports to youth and their families in the areas of mental health, cultural conflict, domestic violence, and substance abuse.

Join in this webinar and learn more about the Caring Dads program and programs and supports offered by the Punjabi Community Health Services – and then take whats relevant and lets apply it to the benefit of South Africa

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