Positive Action Programmes

Primary Prevention Programmes

We need to stop men’s violence & abuse against Women and Girls (VAWG))  before it happens.

Primary Prevention Programmes aim to stop male violence & abuse against women and girls (VAWG) before it happens in South Africa

Primary Prevention Action Programmes are implemented before Gender Based Violence occurs and aims to stop the likelihood of men and boys using violence of all forms against women and girls. Primary prevention Programmes do this by addressing the causes of violence and changing attitudes. The WhiteRibbon.Org.Za Social Movement and Action Programmes focus on Primary Prevention.

Examples of primary prevention include:

  • public information and awareness raising campaigns
  • educational programs in schools and Universities
  • programs in workplaces
  • government policy establishing frameworks and standards for preventing violence against women and promoting gender equality.
  • Programmes in our local Communities
  • Educational campaigns in Sport

Through education, awareness raising and creative campaigns, preventative programs, partnerships and political advocacy, White Ribbon South Africa highlights the positive role men can play to stop violence against women and enables them to be part of this social change.

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